NAME: Alex Weiner
SCHOOL: Stoneman Douglas, College Academy


- College Academy’s Junior State of America Organization, Vice President
- National Forensic League, Competitive Debater
- Mu Alpha Theta, Member
- Model United Nations Program, Member
- Temple Beth Chai, Congregational Member
- Recreational Basketball and Football player.


- “Outstanding Distinction,” National Forensic League
- 2 bids of acceptance to the National Forensic League’s Tournament of Champions in Public Forum Debate
- David Nadel Award for Debate, Stoneman Douglas
- Invitations to two consecutive Nation Debate Forum Summer Programs
- “Best Speaker,” College Academy’s Junior State of America Organization


During his Inaugural Address, former President John F. Kennedy proclaimed a brilliant philosophy; “Ask not what your country can do for you, [but] ask what you can do for your country.” Safe to say, the aforementioned principle is one I value very deeply and see as being best fulfilled in a line of public service. I am proud to be a citizen, of what I consider to be, the best country in the world. It’s that America I want to preserve, for if there is anything I have learned from my prior experience with government and leadership, is that a true measure of a man’s worth is not what he says, but what he does.

Striving forward towards success, I wish to make the best of myself…Considering that the Broward League of Cities Ambassador Program would serve to further such goals of knowledge building…I believe the ability of The Broward League of Cities Ambassador Program to a open door of insight to a “behind the scenes” production of government at its finest will be an amazing opportunity. Moreover, such a front row seat to the real world of politics would constitute an invaluable opportunity with far reaching educational benefits.