NAME: Zach Gorwitz
SCHOOL: Cypress Bay High School


Debate Team President- three years.
Co-founder of the Junior Statesmen of America club- Cypress Bay Chapter
National Honor Society Senator
Model UN club- Vice President of External Affairs
Founder of HeadStart Debate: A student taught debate program for middle school students who lack funding for a formal program. Currently working with Falcon Cove Middle School
Intern for Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, both in Washington, D.C. and local offices.


The benefits of public service are often shrouded in allegations of scandal and diminished under accusations of empty rhetoric. On the outside looking in, it is hard not to subscribe to these beliefs, as one does not understand the entire picture of politics. However, this summer while interning for Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz in Washington D.C., my eyes were opened to the true impact public service has on our community. Every day, I received calls and opened mail from Senior Citizens being evicted from their homes because their Social Security checks did not arrive this month and enraged voters denouncing the inability of our government to compromise on a debt package. Through this, I realized that I want to be the politician to put an end to these problems. In the future, my goal is to run for public office in the state of Florida and work my way up to the U.S. Senate in order to reach a greater number of people. There is no greater platform in the world to effect change than in the United States government by virtue of our unique democratic system.

It is exactly that democratic system that makes public service such an important profession. In the American system, all citizens above the age of 18 are provided with a vote. That vote can be used to stimulate the change he/she would like to see in society. However, not every citizen can hold a public office and still maintain an organized, effective system. A career in public service would allow me to provide concerned American citizens with a dedicated, intelligent voice in their own government. It is the public servicemen/women that allow our society to progress through innovative ideas and practical decisions. I would very much appreciate a chance to be a Student Ambassador for Broward County to learn more about our political process and be one step closer to the process that creates positive change in our world.